Smile Dental Program at School
Starts 5/3/2019 Ends 5/3/2019
Location Health Office
Contact Cequcoria Hammonds, School Nurse - 412-233-9200 Ext. 1124
More Information (Directions)

The SMILE dental program will be at school on April 10, 12, and 29, as well as May 3, 2019. Kindergarten, first, third and seventh grade students are required by state law to have a dental exam. If your child has a private dentist please continue their care with him or her and send a copy of their exam to the health office.

The dental hygienist will clean your child's teeth and apply a fluoride treatment. Sealants and X-Rays may be required. The dentist will do a complete exam and may fill baby teeth, if necessary. Students will then be seen at six month intervals. You have the right to be present for your child's exam upon receipt of your written request in the nurse's office.

Permission forms must be completed and returned to your child's teacher by March 8, 2019. The dentist will see only students who have permission forms on record.