Message from the Superintendent Regarding January 23rd Incident

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On Wednesday January 23, 2019 an unfortunate incident occurred in the MS/HS that disrupted our
school community. A high school student made a threat of self-harm via social media. When school
authorities were made aware they immediately attended to the student and summoned the appropriate
professionals to assist. The principal’s efforts were on addressing the situation and determining the
validity of a possible threat to student safety on the premises. The investigation determined that at no
time was there a threat to student safety.

However, while administrators were investigating the situation they were unaware that on social media
inaccurate information was being posted and shared faster than they could address the incident and
report the results. This caused panic, uncertainty and fear in the community. When accurate facts were
available, we posted information on the District Website and school Facebook. Additionally, the phone
dialer was utilized to contact families.

I can assure you that this situation was properly handled with immediate attention to the student with
police cooperation in the investigation. NO weapons were brought into the school and your children
were never unsafe.

Our District has made a huge investment in school safety employing a full security team, utilizing metal
detectors and Ident-a-Kid Visitor Information System, searching bags, and updating camera surveillance
equipment. There is nothing more important than the safety of our students and staff.

As always, we will reflect on today’s events and strive for continuous improvement.


Ginny Hunt Signature
Ginny L. Hunt, Ed.D.

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