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Surrogate Parents

  1. The Clairton City School District is responsible for assigning a surrogate parent within 30 days.
  2. The Clairton City School District identifies the legal status of the child in need of a surrogate parent to determine if the student is a court or agency placement in a private home; parents or guardians are unknown (1305); a ward of the Commonwealth or Pennsylvania or ward of the Court; parent of guardian are unknown(1306).  Unaccompanied youth are also considered homeless and include a child who is a runaway or who has been kicked out by their parent.  A surrogate also needs to be assigned to unaccompanied youth.
  3. The Clairton City School District completes the Allegheny Intermediate Unit's application form for Obtaining a Surrogate Parent and submits it to the Surrogate Parent Coordinator of the AIU.
  4. The AIU Surrogate Parent Coordinator will assign a trained, qualified, and available surrogate parent to the child.   If no such qualified surrogate parent is available, the Surrogate Parent Coordinator will work with the district or agency to recruit qualified persons.