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English as a Second Language

The goal of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Clairton City School District is to facilitate student learning in the areas of: speaking, listening, reading and writing. ESL instruction is provided by teachers who hold Instructional I or II certificates in elementary or secondary education. The teacher must also have an ESL Specialist Certification. Lessons align with the English Language Development Standards (ELD) as well as the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.


Level 1– Entering
Level 2– Beginning
Level 3– Developing
Level 4– Expanding
Level 5– Bridging
Level 6– Reaching (Monitor Status)

For more information regarding our ESL Program please contact:

Jennifer Wardropper: Title III Coordinator & Special Education Supervisor

Patti Detwiler: K-15 ESL Teacher

Amanda Lommock: 6-12 ESL Teacher

Or, visit these websites: