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Request Technology / Maintenance Services

To notify the technology department of an issue within the district, please log in below and follow the below instructions. The technology staff will automatically be notified of the request upon its submission. You can then log in at a later time to check on the status of you request. You will also be notified via email any time your issue is updated.

To submit an issue, follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your current computer username & password (enter the username only, NOT the full email address).
  2. Click on "Report Issue" on the left side of the page.
  3. Select either Technology or Maintenance, depending on which department are submitting the request for. If it does not prompt you to choose, check the department in the upper right corner of the page next to your username.
  4. Select the Category which best fits the problem you are having. Type a short summary of the problem, and then a full description below. The Room or Location field is also required so that we know where the problem is occurring.
  5. Under View Status you can select either Public or Private. Private is the default and means that only you will see your issue. If you select Public, any user who logs in will be able to see your ticket. Select this if you feel others may be having the same problem to prevent duplicates from being entered or if it's in a "common" area such as a computer lab or library.
  6. Click on "Submit Issue" to submit the ticket. An email will automatically be sent to the staff in the appropriate department notifying them of the new issue. You will also receive an email which will contain a link to the specific issue so that you can check on it at a later time. You will also receive email updates any time something is changed or updated with the ticket.