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Insurance Information

Clairton City School District is partnering with One2One Risk Solutions to provide accident protection for our Chromebook initiative. Registering with One2one and purchasing a damage waiver will protect you from the cost to repair or replace your district-issued device and limit your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible, should a loss occur.

  • Cost to sign up: $20 per school year
  • Deductible for Accidental Claim #1: $0
  • Deductible for Accidental Claim #2: $25
  • Deductible for Accidental Claim #3: $50
  • Deductible for Lost/Stolen Power Charger: $10
  • Deductible for Lost/Stolen Chromebook: $100

This program is being offered on an optional basis. If you chose to opt-out of the damage waiver program, you may be responsible to pay the full cost of any repair or replacement to the Chromebook or charger. Coverage extends from the date of purchase through the end of the school year or with un-enrollment of the student.

To sign up for the program and for additional information, please follow the below steps:

  • Visit and click on "Enroll My Device"
  • Use the dropdown menus to select "Pennsylvania", "Clairton City School District", and the appropriate school for your child
  • Enter your five-digit student ID number (this can be found on your ID card, schedule, etc. if you don't know it) and verify your name appears
  • Fill in the requested information on the next page
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select your payment method and proceed with the $20 payment

For assistance, you can contact One2One support at 1-855-663-2663 or

Coverage exclusions:

  • Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts
  • Any use not in accordance with District Acceptable Use Policies
  • Additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the device after it has been damaged
  • Any loss to software, data, documents, music, videos, recordings or other personal information that have been placed on the device
  • Disappearance of the device not reported to local law enforcement

Chromebook Insurance Information Flyer