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What Does a School Nurse Do?

The Clairton City School District has a certificated school nurse who provides a wide range of health services to the Clairton Education Center.

  • The school nurse develops Emergency Care Plans and/or Individualized Health Care Plans for students with life-threatening health conditions such as life-threatening allergies to peanuts or bee stings, severe asthma or diabetic students with insulin reactions.
  • The school nurse administers medications to students and cares for ill or injured students and staff in the school setting.
  • The school nurse is responsible for the health assessment of students being evaluated to receive special education services through the Clairton City School District.
  • The school nurse is responsible for organizing state-mandated vision and hearing screening as well as the school dental and physical program.
  • The school nurse is alert to any possible communicable disease outbreaks in the school setting and works closely with the Allegheny County Health Department.
  • The school nurse serves as a liaison between the school, the home, and medical or other community resources.
  • The school nurse provides health education to students.
  • The school nurse is responsible for clinical tasks as designated.
  • The school nurse has a bachelor's degree in nursing, a current Registered Nurse license from the state of Pennsylvania and holds a School Nurse Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The school nurse is also required to have current First Aid and CPR training as a Healthcare Provider.