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Use of Crutches, Walkers, or Wheelchairs in School

Purpose: To ensure the health and safety of all students.

Students who require the use of crutches or walkers are to report to the school nurse following injury and/or upon returning to school after a surgical procedure.

  1. Specific orders are needed from the medical provider regarding the use of crutches/walker in school. The orders must include the following:
  • a request from the medical provider that the student be allowed to use crutches, walker or wheelchair at school;
  • the diagnosis or reason the student needs to use crutches, etc.
  • a statement of how long the student will need to use crutches, etc.
  • the anticipated length of time the student is to be excused from PE, recess, or sports activities.
  1. Students must have been taught proper use of crutches or walker before returning to school.
  2. The school nurse will review the student crutch/walker usage within the school building and will observe the student to determine that they know how to safely navigate the hallways. Safety will be stressed including stairs, hallways, school entrances, floors, seasonal issues, etc.
  3. Accommodations such as early classroom dismissal, assistance with books, assistance in the hallways between classes, classroom seating assignments will be assessed to determine need on an individual basis.
  4. Additional accommodations (medication, ice and elevation orders) may be implemented based on physician orders and parent permission.
  5. All students must have written confirmation from a medical provider to resume normal activities.
  6. Copies of the medical provider’s note will be sent to the student’s PE teacher and principal; the attendance office; and the athletic director, if applicable.