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Disposal of Medications

Disposition of Student Medications

Parent or guardian will be notified to pick up all discontinued or outdated medication.

At the end of the school year, all unused medications will be returned to a parent, guardian or designated adult.

Students who have inhalers in the health office will be given the inhalers to take home.

Any medication not picked up by the in the end of the school year will be disposed of as noted below.

 Disposal of Schedule II Medications

If a parent, guardian, or designated adult does not retrieve the medication at the end of the school year, licensed personnel (CSN/RN) and one witness will dispose of the medication and document the disposal. This information will be placed in the student’s health record.

Medications will be disposed of using the recommended guidelines of crushing the medication, mixing it with dishwashing liquid, and disposing it in the garbage.

Documentation of disposition will include the date, time, amount of medication, and signatures of the CSN/RN and the witness.