Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Clairton’s Gifted and Talented Education Program welcomes new students each year.  We collaborate with teachers to ensure that students are challenged in ways appropriate to their abilities while inside the regular classroom.  Students are also offered pull-out (enrichment) classes along with the opportunity to participate in Academic Events offered in and around the city. These events allow students to not only collaborate with each other but to also compete in friendly events that focus on Math, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, History, Technology and Creativity.

Gifted and Talented Instructor
Andrea Morobitto
412-233-9200 Ext. 1208

Director of Special Education
Sara Hoffman
412-233-9200 Ext. 1162

School Psychologist
Kimberly Koebler
412-233-9200 Ext. 1161

Special Education Secretary 
Erica Gambino
412-233-9200 Ext. 1160