Water Main Break Update for Oct. 29, 2020

To Our Clairton Family,

We hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and sound. To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is certainly an understatement. With all that it has brought, we looked forward to and welcomed the return of your children back to our elementary, middle, and high schools. To have a number of our students back in our classrooms at the beginning of the school year – where we believe our teachers provide them with the best instruction and learning experiences available – meant a small return to normalcy for us all. With the water main break and ensuing damage to our building in late September, we were once again forced into a remote instructional model for all. We have been working diligently to ensure the safe return of our students to the building for those students and families that have chosen the hybrid option. While we had hoped to have our students return for in-person instruction by November 2nd, we have been informed that this will not be possible.

The amount of damage sustained in the flood has been extensive. To restore our facilities and prepare them for student occupancy, we have to rely on several different agencies, contractors, and suppliers.These outside providers have experienced some challenges and it is forcing us to once again delay our re-opening. Please know that we hear, understand, and recognize the concerns that our families have as a result of this delay. Our teachers and staff want nothing more than to be able to work with our students in our classrooms once again, but that return depends on agencies and factors that are largely beyond our control at this moment.

We continue to wait for heat to be restored to the building as winter approaches. The latest timeline we have received suggests that this should be available the week of November 16th. If it is ready sooner, we will inform you and return to a half day hybrid schedule for all students. We are also a waiting the arrival and installation of several portable classrooms that can provide classroom space pending the restoration of our elementary school.

Please know that we want nothing more than to resume classes as soon and as safely as possible. We appreciate the extra role that you are playing to make sure your children are engaged learning remotely.We will continue to serve your children remotely and reach out to you in the interim. Your patience and understanding are most appreciated.


Ginny Hunt, Ed.D.

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