Last chance to pick up personal belongings!

Elementary and Middle /High School
Student Enter the Building to Gather Personal Belongings Schedul

Grade Levels Date Enter Time to Enter Time to Exit
All Grade Levels Wednesday, June 10, 2020 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

The following activities shall be completed during the designated times:

  • Enter Gymnasium Near Playground
  • Sign-In with Security at the Entrance to Gymnasium Near Playground
    • Wear Mask
    • Maintain Social Distancing Mandates
  • Return Chromebook to IT – A table will be set-up in the Gymnasium for returning and checking in Chromebooks
  • Secured bag if needed to secure personal belongings
  • Proceed to Locker and secure personal belongings
  • Place textbooks from your locker in front of Teacher’s door for teacher check-in/ Make sure your name is in the textbook
    • For example, Mr. Carson’s Textbooks go in front of Mr. Carson’s Door
  • Once personal Belongings are Secured and Instructional Material is returned to the correct teacher- Please Exit through the Front Doors

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