AHN Chill Project Form

Hello families and caregivers,

Your child is invited to be in a research study in Clairton Schools that is being conducted by the Chill Project by AHN and Carnegie Mellon University.

The Chill Project by AHN is a year-long comprehensive curriculum designed to transform school culture through teaching skills to help increase mindful awareness.

To study the impact of the program, we are using surveys looking at social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes in students. These surveys will be taken at three points throughout the program's year-long curriculum. We are hoping to have as many students as possible fill out these surveys so that we can better understand how this program can create positive change in schools.

To show our gratitude for your participation, students who turn in the following consent form to participate will be entered into a grade-wide raffle for Amazon gift cards. Elementary students will also earn PAX tickets for participating in this research and be invited to a special grade-level event. Middle and high school students will be able to attend a special movie viewing at school.

At the link below, you will find the consent form, which contains a detailed description of the research. In order to participate, your student will need to have a parent or caregiver sign and submit this survey electronically. For your convenience, we also have a paper version of this form that you can fill out instead of the online form, which has been sent home with your student.


We really appreciate your consideration in supporting this important research! If you have any questions at all, please contact us at CMUClairtonStudy@gmail.com.


With gratitude,
Chill Project by AHN | Carnegie Mellon University

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