Superintendent Update for 9/25/2020

September 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We have completed our first full month of school this year and have many successes and some speed bumps behind us. I am proud of our teachers for tackling new technology, implementing various learning models and adapting instruction to address the unique demands of remote learning. They have worked tirelessly with various constraints to welcome and acclimate our students back into school. I am proud of our students who are learning to be more independent learners and responsible technology users and I am most proud of the parents who must facilitate and monitor their children learning remotely from home to ensure their academic success. Our staff and students have followed health and safety protocols and we have been rewarded with no reported COVID-19 cases thus far.

To ensure that we continue on this path as flu season arrives, please consider getting yourself and your children flu shots. Rite Aid is offering them free to our community. It is very important that you screen your child daily for any COVID 19 symptoms and keep them home if they are sick. We will be sending home a Symptom Screener Magnet with your child’s progress report next week. It will serve as a reference for you and can be kept on your refrigerator. Please report student absences to the school secretary by phone or email so they can be recorded as excused.

Attendance in school and online is critical if students are to be successful and promoted to the next grade this school year. It is also required by law. The Pennsylvania Department of Education is not forgiving unexcused absences or promoting leniency as was the case during the mandatory closure last spring. Students who are learning remotely at home but not attending live sessions or turning in assignments will not earn course credit and absences will be unexcused resulting in attendance consequences. Our daily hybrid and remote student attendance is NOT where we want it so I encourage you to make sure your children are signing on remotely daily and completing their work.

The school district made an honorable effort to address the unique needs of each child and family when rolling out four learning models: full time in-person for elementary, hybrid (half day in-person and half day remote), full day remote, and a Cyber School option for the 2020-21 school year. Principals made personal phone calls to parents to gather information on school choice and to help them select a model that best fit their child’s unique needs.

During the first few weeks of school we honored parent requests and moved students in and out of the various instructional models with more students returning to school than anticipated from parent survey data and beginning of school parent choice. Currently, as we develop a plan to safely bring all students back to school, we can no longer immediately move students in and out of the various instructional models.

Any future requests to move students into in-person full time learning will be honored when it is safe to add students to the in-person classroom and still maintain social distancing guidelines. I will keep you posted as to any changes as we move forward.

I am proud of our ability to offer in-person, in-school learning daily for over 50% of our student population who learn best in class with their teachers safely during this difficult time. Your continued cooperation and support is appreciated as we move forward into an uncertain future.

Ginny L. Hunt, Ed.D.

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