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  • School Closings/Delays:

    As you may have heard, a large water main failed on the Large Avenue side of the Clairton Education Center, sending rushing water into the building.  Many of the facilities on the elementary level of the building have been affected and are in need of repair and restoration.

    Our team, including our School Board president and superintendent, met with the Pennsylvania American Water Company and Disaster Restoration Services this morning to survey the damage and begin the clean-up and repair process.  These agencies will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to return our building and classrooms to their previous condition.  We at Clairton will continue to work with them closely to resume in-person instruction as soon as possible.

    As it stands, our school will be closed and classes cancelled on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Please note that our upcoming Open House event will be postponed as well.  We are asking all of our families to prepare for remote instruction for the immediate future.  To that end, we will be distributing devices on Tuesday, September 29th, to those elementary students and families that do not have them at home at this time.  

    We will be providing regular updates through our social media platforms, our website, phone dialer, and through email.  Please check them tomorrow for updates, especially with regard to the elementary device distribution and remote learning instructions.

    This year has been challenging for us all for a host of reasons.  Please know that we are committed to serving you and your family, and providing the best education possible to our students and children.  With your support, we can show the area what Clairton Strong is all about once again.  GO BEARS!!!

  • Latest Updates & Information:


    School Reopening Health & Safety Plan: ccsdbears.org/News/covid-19-reopening-plan

    First Week Review Letter from Superintendent Dr. Ginny Hunt

    Technology Fund Drive: ccsdbears.org/News/chromebook-drive

    Elementary School Handbook for 2020-2021

    Middle/High School Handbook for 2020-2021

Close alert

Grade Level Promotion Requirements

Elementary Grades K-5 Requirements
There are four (4) 45-day grading periods for the school year.  A team decision will determine a student promotion when multiple subjects have been failed.

Grades 6, 7, and 8 Requirements
In order for a student to be promoted, s/he must successfully complete at least 29 of the 40 units offered in each grade.  Unit values are listed next to each course below.

Grades 6, 7, and 8 Units
Reading 10
Mathematics 10
Language Arts 5
Social Studies 5
Science 5
Enrichment / Specials 5

Specials will change each marking period and vary according to grade level.

High School Requirements
A student will be promoted into the following grade levels by obtaining a minimum of the following credits:

Grade 10 6.5 Credits
Grade 11 12 Credits
Grade 12 19.5 Credits
Graduation 25.5 Credits

If a student does not obtain the proper credits to be promoted to the next grade level, that student may be retained.  

All students are required to pass English and Physical Education in each of their high school years.  English courses must be taken in the proper sequence beginning with 9th grade.  Students who fail a course will be expected to attend a summer school program approved by the high school counselor to make up the deficiency.  Those who do not ATTEND summer school will be required to repeat the level failed.  Students will not be allowed to schedule more than one required English or Physical Education class in any school year.  Doubling up English or Physical Education classes is not permitted.

All decisions on promotion requirements will be made by the Administration.