Commonly Used Staff Resources

Online call-offs for faculty. For login issues and/or questions, please contact the Superintendent's office.

Classroll Login

Student / Teacher gradebook and attendance system.


Access to employee e-mail.


Access to student data, test scores, attendance data, lesson planning, etc.

Federal Programs Intranet Site

Federal Programs data, events, calendars, and Professional Development documents. District Google Apps (email) account login required to view.

GoGuardian Teacher Access

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is being used primarily in grades 9-12 as part of the Chromebook one-to-one program for online assignments. It is also available to 6-8 students. Google Classroom can be accessed both on the Chromebooks as well as any other computer or phone with Internet access.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides an online equivalent to Microsoft Office as well as unlimited online storage/backup for school district employees.


Access "Online Safety" curriculum for yearly requirement.

Khan Academy

Large library of educational videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.


Pennsylvania Electronic Teacher Evaluation Portal

Professional Development Information

Professional Development calendar, tracking, and documents.

ProSoft Employee Portal

Access pay stubs, W2s, Employee Information Statements, your summary of vacation/sick days used / remaining, and view the staff directory.


Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System

Read 180 SAM Manager

Access the teacher / management area of Scholastic's Read 180 program.

Student Password Reset

Use this page to reset student computer login passwords. Log in to the page using your computer username and password. To look up a student, type in their student ID number and then click on Look Up. Verify that you have the correct student, and then click on the "CLICK HERE TO RESET PASSWORD" link to complete the reset. The page will tell you what the password was set to... you will want let the student know this new password.

Tickets / Work Request Portal

Submit a request for assistance from the Technology Department or supplies / repairs from the Maintenance Department. Log in using your computer username and password. If you are denied from logging in, please log off of your computer and log back in to verify your password has not expired.


Listen to your office / classroom telephone voicemail via a web browser. If you receive a security warning after clicking the link, simply click "Proceed" or "Continue to this website (not recommended)". This link only works from on the school network.

Waterford Teacher Access

Access the teacher side of the Waterford program.

The Clairton City School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, or limited English proficiency in its activities, programs, or employment practices as required by the PA Human Relations Act, Title IX, and Section 504. For information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, contact Debra A. Maurizio, Title IX Coordinator, and Section 504 Coordinator at the Administration Building, 502 Mitchell Avenue, Clairton, PA 15025 or 412-233-7090 Ext. 2300.
The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission website is